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My husband has the patience of a saint. I have a lot of girlfriends who have told me that their husbands get really upset when their wives are no longer that interested in what goes on in the bedroom. Two of my friends have had their husbands leave them when that happened.

Looking for Information on Provestra

I have just started to research the idea of increasing the female libido. Of course I enjoy sex like most people, but as I have aged it has become a lot less exciting to me. I have just started trying to figure out what the deal is with this drug which is called provestra. Of course you have to think about two different things, the first is whether or not it does what it claims that it does. It may have the desired effect for some people, but do nothing for others. Obviously I want to know if it works for me. Then the other thing is what sort of side effects does it have and how severe they are. If you have seen one of these drug ads on TV you know they always list a long number of side effects after they finish telling you how happy you would be if you were on their drug.

Top 12 Auto Insurance Myths

Top Car Insurance Myths

1. The colour of the car determines insurance rate

For years, people have believed red-coloured cars to be insured at higher rates because red represents aggressiveness and driver’s tendency for speeding. However, in reality, insurance companies have no interest at all in the colour of your car, but they look into other factors.

Do not be fooled into buying cars with colours you think will cost you lesser insurance rates. What car insurance firms look for are the Make of your car, its body type, the engine size and model, the vehicle’s age, etc. Some auto insurers might also consider the car’s sticker price, its safety record and the repairing costs. Thus, if your car owns excellent safety features and gadgets to prevent theft, the insurance rates can drop significantly, but colour will never help.

2. Older cars are cheaper to insure

Since most new cars are expensive than the older ones, it is generally believed they will be costlier to insure. However, this isn’t always the case.

Auto insurance firms look for a number of factors before deciding rate, and the age of your car comes much later in the list. They are usually interested in knowing whether a car possesses modern safety features or not, because these factors directly affect the extent of damages in case of an accident. Since most new cars are now equipped with some of the best safety elements, they can cause you lower insurance rates. Older cars, on the other hand, can lack even airbags, which as a result can inflate insurance costs.

3. Soldiers pay more for insurance than civilians

This myth is a total opposite of the reality. Soldiers or any other members of military – irrespective of the branch they are associated with – receive significant degrees of discount when they apply for auto insurance and they indeed pay lesser than what we civilians normally do.

While some insurance providers grant such discounts on a phone call made to them by a soldier’s commanding officer on his behalf, others normally require documentary proof.

As a soldier, you will have to supply documents to your insurer containing your name, rank and duration of service in the military. This allows them to determine the length of time you are eligible for a discount.

Some insurance firms may offer such discounts to retired soldiers too and in some cases can even extend these concessions to his family members.

4. Insurance cost reduces significantly once the driver turns 25

Car insuranceproviders look for your driving experience rather than your age before deciding insurance rates. Though some firms may consider your age, others mostly look for the number of years you have been driving. Those mulling over age, usually do so because drivers less than 25 years of age come under risky age group where individuals have a tendency for rash driving. Companies then take into account this fact to decide how much you must pay.

However, this is a rare practice and most car insurers collect a variety of data such as driver’s driving style, experience and so on. So, do not be fooled by the myth that beyond 25 you will have to pay lesser – age rarely counts.

5. If others borrow your car, they are responsible for any accident

This is another false perception; all auto insurance policies follow your car and not the driver. If you are lending your car to a friend who crashes it into a truck, you will be held accountable for any damages. You may also be held responsible for any financial losses caused to others because of the incident – not to speak of how your premiums will be affected. So think for a while before you lend out your vehicle to somebody.

6. ‘Comprehensive’ coverage protects the driver and the vehicle fully

A comprehensive coverage never protects the driver and is an optional protection that covers specific areas and not all kinds of damages. If you are purchasing comprehensive protection, do not be fooled for receiving complete protection for your vehicle; instead this protection covers very limited incidents.

Usually, a comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by fire, vandalism, theft, collision with animals and weather related incidents such as flooding.

7. Personal property within your car at the time of accident is covered

Any insurer will never pay you for damages caused to your personal belongings in the event of an accident. Auto insurance policies only cover damages to the vehicle itself and not any personal property lying in there at the time of accident.

For instance, if your car is broken into and your precious belongings such as laptops, mobiles phones or even cash have been stolen, your insurer will only pay for the damages caused to the car. You might have to file a claim through your tenant’s policy for such non-vehicular damages, but not through the auto insurer.

8. Insurance policy covers the business use of your car

Personal auto insurance does not protect vehicles used for business purposes even if the driver is self-employed. If you are using your car for delivering goods and fall into an accident while performing this job, your insurer may reject any claims you make.

An auto insurance policy always clearly asks if you need to insure for ‘personal/private use’. On personal auto insurance, if you claim for damages caused during a business venture, it is technically incorrect. You need to get a different business policy if you want to use your vehicle for commercial purposes; however such policies are usually expensive.

9. Since thieves prefer new cars, your old car isn’t a threat

If this is what you believe, you are mistaken. Data covered over a period of time reveals that thieves prefer older cars over newer ones for a variety of reasons.

One of the prime factors which make older cars more vulnerable to theft is the lack of safety features found in today’s modern cars. Such vehicles also contain versatile parts which are higher in demand and thus can be sold for greater rates. So, if you are thinking of not to insure your vehicle because it is too old, you need to reconsider your decision.

10. Modified cars are difficult to insure

Nothing is more difficult in this age of technology and finding the right things for yourself online is a matter of mere few clicks. People who tell you that modified cars are difficult to insure, should be ignored straightaway. There are hundreds of auto insurance providers willing to insure your modified car, but finding them needs a bit of homework. If you try a comprehensive online search or contact an insurance broker, you will know that there are several auto insurance policies out there waiting for car rebuffs like yourself.

So, have you been worried recently if or not you will be able to find a suitable insurer for your revamped car, take my word and give your car a do up. There is no dearth of hungry auto insurance providers in the market and you will always find one.

11. Credit score will not affect your insurance rates

Car insurers take a number of factors into consideration before they decide on your insurance rate and credit score is one such factor.

If you ever have been into financial planning you probably know that credit scores affect almost everything from becoming eligible for a loan to interest rates. Allow me to add another detail to this information that these scores also affect your auto insurance rates. Since credit scores are a reflection of how well you manage your finances, auto insurers will look at these numbers before determining your premium rates.

12. Faithfulness to one auto insurance company forever will result in lesser rates

This statement is partially true and is often used as a deception to force customers to stick to one car insurance company for longer. Many car insurers offer discounts to their customers for remaining faithful to them, however, these discounts do not protect them from increasing costs. In other cases, these discounts simply vanish once you make a claim and you are given no privileges for your faithfulness.

Why should you get car insurance?

A car is no more a luxury but a necessity that almost every household invests in. Depending on the budget, people opt for new or second hand cars of their choice. But most people make the mistake of not buying insurance for their vehicle. The reason behind purchasing insurance is simple – your car is an asset that needs to be protected against unforeseen situations just like your home, office and life.

car insurance quotes 3

With the ever-increasing number of road accidents, your car faces a high level of risk. In the case of an accident, a motor insurance policy will safeguard you by offering to repair and replacing the damaged parts. The insurance market is flooded with innumerable policy options depending on your car type, financial constraint and requirement.

You must conduct an online search to better understand the benefits and types of policies available. Further, you can easily get online access to auto insurance quotes and purchase a policy.

Everything You Must to Know About Car Batteries

Knowledge is power when it comes to your car’s battery and electrical system. In fact, it’s your ride’s heart and soul. The last thing you want is to be left stranded with a dead battery. The more you know about your battery and electrical system, the less likely you’ll get stuck. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’re here to help you understand just what’s going on with your vehicle’s battery and electrical system.

On average, a battery will last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of your car battery. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we offer a free battery check-up with every visit to our store. This is a quick diagnostic check to estimate the temperature at which your battery may fail. It also gives you some idea how much battery life you have left. One little test tells you if your battery is good to go.

Battery Knowledge

How exactly does a car battery work?

The car battery provides the jolt of electricity necessary to power all the electrical components in your vehicle. Talk about a pretty huge responsibility. Without battery power, your car, as you’ve probably noticed, won’t start.

Let’s take a look at how that powerful little box works:

  • A chemical reaction puts your car in action: Your battery converts chemical energy into the electrical energy necessary to power your car, delivering voltage to the starter.
  • Keep the electric current steady: Not only does your battery provide the energy required to start your car, it’s also stabilizing the voltage (that’s the term for the energy supply) in order to keep your engine running. A lot’s riding on the battery. Call it the ‘little box that could.’

The car battery may be small, but the power it provides is huge. Test your battery now with our Virtual Battery Tester.

Find the right Interstate Battery for your specific vehicle, at the right price — right now.

How do Interstate batteries compare to other car battery brands?

We stock these quality brand batteries — and install them too.

  • Manufactured by Johnson Controls: the world leader in battery quality with 80+ years of innovation.
  • Interstate is #1: Interstate Batteries are the #1 automotive replacement batteries in America with 15 million batteries sold every year – the quality and reliability is in the numbers.

Symptoms & Procedures

Are there any warning signs that may indicate my battery is on the fritz?

“If I only knew sooner.” We’ve all been there before. Fortunately, there are various indications and symptoms that your battery may need replacement:

  1. Slow engine crank: When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start. You’d best describe it as the “rur rur rur” starting noise sound.
  2. Check engine light: The check engine light sometimes appears when your battery power is weak. Strange system indicator lights–such as check engine and low coolant lights–could mean there’s a problem with your battery. (It could also just mean you need more coolant).
  3. Low battery fluid level: Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that’s translucent so you can always keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. You can also inspect it by removing the red and black caps if they are not sealed (most modern car batteries now permanently seal these parts).
    • Bottom line: If the fluid level is below the lead plates (energy conductor) inside, it’s time to have the battery and charging system tested. When fluid levels drop, it’s typically caused by overcharging (heat).
  4. The swelling, bloating battery case: If your battery casing looks like it ate a very large meal, this could indicate a battery gone bad. You can blame excessive heat for causing your battery case to swell, decreasing your battery life.
  5. Eww, there’s a stinky, rotten egg smell: You may notice a pungent, rotten egg smell (sulfur odor) around the battery. The cause: Battery leaks. Leaking also causes the corrosion around the posts (where the + and – cable connections are located.) The gunk may need to be removed or your car may not start.
  6. Three years + battery age is considered an old timer: Your battery can last well beyond three years but, at the very least, have its current condition inspected on a yearly basis when it reaches the three year mark. Battery life cycles range from three-to-five years depending on the battery. However, driving habits, weather and frequent short trips (under 20 minutes) can drastically shorten the actual life of your car battery.

How do I determine if my battery is too old?

For one thing, you can check the four- or five-digit date code on the cover of your battery case. The first part of the code is key: look for the letter and digit. A letter is assigned to each month — you know, like A for January, B for February and so on. The number that follows nods to the year, as in 9 for 2009 and 1 for 2011. This code tells you when the battery was shipped from the factory to our local Interstate Battery wholesale distributor. The additional digits tell where the battery was made. Car batteries last, on average, three- to-five years. Mind you, there are also weak battery signs to watch for, like a slow engine crank of low fluid level. If your battery case is swollen or bloated, there’s a smelly rotten egg scent coming from the battery or your check engine light appears, trouble may be beyond the bend. And if it’s over three years old? Consider it time for close monitoring. That’s what we’re here for.

Electrical Systems

Can a bad battery harm the charging system or starter?

You bet. If you have a weak ankle, you tend to overcompensate and put more weight–and stress–on the healthy ankle. Same concept with a weak battery. When you have a weak battery, your car ends up putting additional stress on healthy parts. The charging system, starter motor or starter solenoid can be affected.

These parts can malfunction because they’re drawing excessive voltage to compensate for the lack of battery power. Leave this problem unresolved, and you could wind up replacing expensive electrical parts–typically without warning.

Quick Tip: Our Electrical System Check makes sure all the necessary parts are drawing the correct voltage. We’ll know right away if there’s any weak parts that may need immediate replacement. Don’t leave your car’s power to chance, you may end up paying for it later.

How do you know if your alternator isn’t giving your battery enough electricity?

  • The electrical system is possessed. Strange flickering lights or warning lights such as ’Check Engine’ flicker, disappear, and then reappear again. All these malfunctions usually start occurring when the car battery is nearly drained and struggling to provide power. If the alternator is faulty, your battery will no longer receive a charge and is moments away from being totally kaput.
  • The Slow Crank. You’re starting your car, and it keeps turning and turning, eventually starting–or not. This could mean your alternator isn’t charging your battery properly. If you start experiencing the possessed electrical system as well, please stop in to the nearest service facility. Your car could be moments away from a dead battery and alternator.

Let’s review: All the above happens when the battery is not receiving a charge (due to a faulty alternator). Your battery will continue to drain. When it drains completely…well, we all know what happens next: curbed car. And neither you, nor us, want you to go through that.

Quick tip: The sooner we can inspect your vehicle, the less likely you’ll face every drivers’ biggest fear–a car that won’t start. Drive with peace of mind.

How to Fix an Auto Car Paint Scratch

If you happen to scratch your auto, car paint will usually chip away, and rust can begin to set in within a few days. Therefore, it is important to think about car paint scratch removal as soon as possible. Fixing scratches in your car’s paint is much easier than you think and you can do it within about an hour. Here is a quick how-to guide that will show you everything you need to know. You Will Need

  • Car paint pen or touch up paint kit
  • 80,320 and 1000 Grit Sandpaper
  • Soap and Water
  • Dry Towels
  • Car Wax

Step 1 – Clean the Scratched Area

Use soap and water to wash the scratched surface area of the vehicle. Use a scouring pad to remove wax or clear-coat that may be built up over the scratched area so it is easier to apply the touch up paint. Allow the vehicle to dry.

Step 2 – Sand the Affected Area

The depth of the scratch in your car’s paint will determine the grit of sandpaper you would need to use on the vehicle. If the scratch is very deep, you can use a lower grit sandpaper such as 80 or 120. For finer scratches, you may want to begin with a 320 grit sandpaper and work up to higher grit levels. Attempt to sand the scratched area as smooth as possible and finish up the wet sanding with a 1000 grit piece of sandpaper. Keep the sandpaper wet while you are wet sanding. Then, wipe away excess debris and water with a clean towel.

Step 3 – Use a Stencil to Tape Off the Scratch

Make a stencil to use for painting the scratched surface of your car. Take a piece of paper and cut a hole that is just a little larger than the scratch itself and then used tape to secure the piece of paper to the car. Only the scratch should show through the hole. This will help you avoid making a mess when you’re using the touch up paint.

Step 4 – Purchase Correct Touch-up Paint

Look under the windshield (over the driver’s side dash) and record your vehicles VIN number. Then, take the VIN number to your local car dealership and purchase a touch-up paint that will match your vehicle.

Step 5 – Touch Up the Paint

Use the small applicator brush that comes with the touch-up paint or a paper matchstick to carefully apply the paint to the scratched area. Try to only fill in the scratch itself and avoid getting too much paint on either side of the scratch. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 6 – Lightly Sand Scratched Area

Wet sand again with 1000 grit sandpaper. This time sand very lightly. You only want to remove the gloss on the first coat of touch up paint and not the paint itself.

Step 7 – Apply Second Coat of Paint

Apply another coat of touch of paint to the vehicle. Allow the paint to dry for 24 to 48 hours before waxing.

Step 8 – Wax the Car

After the paint has completely dried, wash and wax your vehicle as you normally would.

6 common Check Engine light problems

There are hundreds of possible faults that can cause the Check Engine light to illuminate on your dash. To find out what the problem is, you would have to have your vehicle scanned for fault codes. A fault code itself only points to a certain system or component. To find the problem, your car will need to be further diagnosed by your local dealer or a qualified mechanic.

To give you a few examples of Check Engine light problems, we have analyzed thousands of repair cases in hundreds of different cars. Although causes are often different, we found several problems that are common in many cars and produce similar symptoms. Here they are:

Vacuum leaks and mass airflow (MAF) sensor issues

Very often, issues with a mass air flow sensor or vacuum leaks can cause the engine to run lean. The term “running lean” means that the engine is not getting enough fuel, or in other words, the air-fuel mixture injected into the engine has more air and less fuel. The symptoms include RPMs fluctuating up and down when stopped, stalling, rough idle, difficulty starting when the engine is hot, lack of power, slow acceleration, etc.
The mass air flow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. The engine computer adjusts the amount of fuel based on the mass air flow sensor readings. If the sensor doesn’t work properly or if there is a leak that allows the air to enter the engine bypassing the sensor (unmetered air), the engine computer cannot adjust the amount of fuel correctly. Most common Check Engine fault codes related to this problem are P0171 and P0174. Here are a few examples:

Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor

If the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is found faulty it must be replaced. In some cars cleaning the sensor may help. Often the MAF sensor malfunctions when the air filter box is not closed properly.

Intake manifold gasket

Leaking intake manifold or plenum gaskets are common, especially in cars with plastic intake manifolds. Replacing intake gaskets could be expensive because of the amount of labor involved.

Cracked intake boot (snorkel)

Rips or cracks in the intake boot or vacuum hoses can cause a vacuum leak. For example, some Ford and BMW vehicles are known to have this problem. .


An engine “misfires” when some of its cylinders don’t work. When this happens, the engine would start shaking and run “uneven” like a motorcycle motor. The Check Engine light would start flashing repeatedly or stay on solid on the dash. The car would lack power. Sometimes a misfire happens at a cold start and goes away when the engine is revved. Often the engine misfires during rainy weather or after driving through a puddle or when accelerating from a stop. In most cases, the misfiring is fairly easy to diagnose. A faulty ignition coil is the most common culprit in newer cars. Other causes include vacuum leaks, worn out spark plugs, cracked ignition wires, bad EGR valve, faulty fuel injectors, mechanical problems, etc.

Ignition coil

A failed ignition coil often causes misfire in newer cars. To diagnose a faulty ignition coil, your mechanic may try swapping coils between two cylinders and see if the misfiring follows the suspected coil.

Fouled spark plug

If the engine misfires, spark plugs are usually replaced if they are old. The recommended spark plug replacement interval ranges from 30K-50K miles for conventional plugs and 50K-120K miles for iridium or platinum plugs.

Ignition wires and a distributor

Ignition wires can deteriorate over time and can also cause misfiring, especially in wet weather. In cars with a distributor, the distributor cap and rotor are typically replaced with the wires too.

EVAP system leaks

The EVAP system prevents the gasoline vapors in your gas tank from escaping into the atmosphere. It’s a sealed system and if there is a leak, the car’s computer turns the Check Engine light on. Evap leaks rarely cause any driveability symptoms. A loose gas cap is one of the examples of an EVAP system leak. Other common sources of an EVAP system leak include a purge valve and a canister vent valve.

Loose gas cap

If you found that the gas cap was loose, close it properly and the Check Engine light will reset itself after a day or two of driving.

Purge valve

A sticky purge valve can also cause an EVAP leak. A purge valve can be tested fairly easily and if it sticks, it’s not very expensive to replace. Read more »

EVAP canister vent valve

A vent valve is normally open. It closes only when the EVAP system tests itself for leaks. If the valve sticks open it can cause a leak. Read more »

EGR system problems

The EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation is one of the vehicle’s emission control systems. It reduces the combustion temperature by redirecting a small amount of exhaust gases back into the engine intake. The main component of the EGR system is the EGR valve. Often, carbon deposits and soot accumulated inside the valve preventing it from opening and closing freely. This will cause the Check Engine light to come on. Symptoms of a sticky EGR valve include stalling at idle, rough idle. Sometimes these symptoms happen after exiting the highway. In some cars, when the EGR system is clogged up, the Check Engine light may come on, but no other symptoms would be present. Common fault codes: P0400, P0401.

Vacuum operated EGR valve

In some cars with a vacuum-operated EGR valve as the one in the photo, the leaks in one of the vacuum hoses or pipes can stop the EGR valve from working.

Ford DPFE sensor

In some Ford vehicles, the EGR system problems are caused by a bad DPFE sensor. Replacing the DPFE sensor is not very expensive.

Electricaly-operated EGR valve

In many cases, to repair the problem, the EGR valve needs to be replaced. In some cars, the EGR passages need to be cleaned or even modified (Honda, Acura)

Oxygen sensor or air/fuel ratio sensor problems

An oxygen sensor is the primary sensor in the fuel injection system. Installed in the vehicle’s exhaust, it provides feedback for the engine computer on how efficiently the engine runs. A more precise air/fuel ratio sensor used in many modern cars for the same purpose is also commonly referred to as an “oxygen sensor”. Oxygen sensor problems are also common. A failed or deteriorated oxygen sensor may cause a drop in the fuel economy and the Check Engine light to come on, but the vehicle may still drive fine. Common causes include a failed oxygen (air fuel ratio) sensor and shorted out sensor wires. Common fault codes: P0130, P0133, P0134, P0135, P0136.

Oxygen sensor

If your car throws a code related to the oxygen sensor, your mechanic may recommend replacing the sensor even if it appears to be working at the time.

Air/Fuel ratio sensor, Acura NSX

An air/fuel ratio sensor is still called an “oxygen sensor”. It work differently, but has the same purpose. This is an air/fuel ratio sensor in Acura NSX

Oxygen sensor wires and connector

Sometimes oxygen sensor faults may be caused by a damaged sensor wiring. In this Mazda 3, the sensor wires were rubbing against the bracket.

Failed catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is the main emission control device installed in the vehicle’s exhaust. It has a honeycomb-like ceramic structure inside that helps to burn any unburned fuel and reduce other harmful emissions. A failing or clogged up catalytic converter often causes the Check Engine light in many cars and trucks. When a catalytic converter becomes clogged up, an engine may start and run well at idle, but bog down when accelerated. A rattling noise coming from a catalytic converter and a smell of unburned fuel from the exhaust may indicate that the ceramic structure inside the converter has disintegrated. In either case, the catalytic converter will need to be replaced. The most common Check Engine light codes: P0420 and P0430.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is typically covered by 8-year 80-mile Emission Warranty. If your car is still within the warranty coverage, your dealer should be able to help you.

Catalytic converter

If your car is not under warranty and the repair quote from your dealer is too expensive, try a local muffler shop, as there are plenty of less expensive aftermarket parts available.

Ceramic honeycomb structure inside the catalytic converter

The most common Check Engine light code is P0420 – Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). The code P0430 indicates the same fault for a bank 2 in a V6 or V8 engine.

When to Get Maintenance Services for a Side by Side

A side by side is a very powerful vehicle that has a lot of valuable components. Because the transmission operates aggressively, it can malfunction if proper maintenance procedures aren’t implemented. 


When fluid leaks from a side by side, the transmission needs to be inspected. If the vehicle is only losing a little liquid, the transmission will still require maintenance because minor leaks often develop into major problems down the road. Without efficient fluid, an ATV won’t shift efficiently during off-road trips. Transmissions fluid leaks when:

The gaskets and seals in the system are worn.
The bell housings are severely damaged.
The transmission pan isn’t properly secured.

Unique Smells

Transmission fluid generates an odd odor that’s easy to detect. Depending on the driving conditions, most liquids will produce a light scent with burnt elements. When you smell the fluid, you should visit a local shop that specializes in side by side maintenance services. If you ignore the leak, the ATV will lose efficiency since the transmission will overheat. You’ll need new side x side parts if your vehicle leaks extremely burnt fluid because the transmission probably has extensive heat damage.

Dipstick Procedures

If you drive your side by side often, you can prevent major transmission problems by inspecting the dipstick regularly. Before checking the dipstick, let the engine run for a while. Once the motor is heated, pull out the dipstick while the engine is running. You won’t need maintenance services if the fluid is somewhat clear. Whenever the fluid is brown, maintenance will be required because the burnt substance won’t dissipate high temperatures properly.

Strange Sounds

Transmissions produce odd sounds when they have faulty components. Most systems make a grinding noise whenever a vehicle moves to another gear. If the transmission grinds after the clutch is fully engaged, a seasoned mechanic may have to make some adjustments.

A side by side vehicle is a big investment, so you must take care of it by servicing the transmission on a regular basis. If you work with a reputable maintenance and repair company, you’ll get proper replacement components that are specifically designed for your vehicle. 

Best Cuts and Styles of Jeans

Jeans are the little black dress of casual wear because they are a consistent casual wear fashion must-have. But like any fashion staple, jeans come in a number of styles. And with so many different cuts and styles it may be hard to choose which ones to add to your wardrobe. Here is a list of the best cuts and styles of jeans.

Boot cut

Boot cut jeans are also known as flares because they are form-fitting from waist to calf, but then flare out at the bottom. This style of jean is usually paired with mid-calf or cowboy boots. This cut is one of the most popular jean cuts you can get.

Slim fit

Slim fit or straight leg jeans naturally fits close to your body from waist ankle. The style looks best on those with long, or those with a lot of muscle definition in their legs. This jean style looks great when paired with knee high boots.

Skinny jeans

Skinny are very similar to slim fit only they hug tightly to your body. Because of this extremely tight fit, it is best to have slim or muscular legs. They look best when paired with knee high or thigh high boots.


Boyfriend jeans are extremely loose fitting and are usually featured in high water cut or Capri style. Because of their short length they a pair perfectly with sneakers and sandals. Boyfriend jeans look great on any body type but because of their short length they look best on those with longer legs.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit or wide-leg jeans much like flares rest at your natural ways, but they are loose in the seat and the thighs. Because of their loose fit, these jeans look best with boots and high top sneakers. And because they don’t cling to the body, they work with any body type and height.

Now that you know the best cuts and styles of jeans on the market today, be sure to pick up these styles up for yourself soon. And to find all the latest cuts and styles of jeans, be sure to visit

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Vehicle Maintenance Check

There can be different reasons why you would miss a maintenance check for your car. Tight budget and busy schedule are the most common reasons of car owners. However, skipping a vehicle maintenance check can be more harmful in the long run than car owners realize. Below are some reasons why you should commit to the scheduled car maintenance.

  1. Costly Repairs

The purpose of vehicle maintenance is to identify and resolve car issues before they become problems. This is an application of the saying that prevention is better than cure. It is better to replace worn parts before they become totally useless. Waiting for apparent signs of damage before getting your car checked will only cost you more expenses. For instance, replacing a worn out timing belt will cost you hundred dollars. However, it will cost thousands of dollars if the belt breaks while you are driving. Worse, it will also damage your engine. Ignoring vehicle maintenance check can significantly contribute to the wear and tear, and eventual damage of your car.

  1. Shortened Vehicle Life

Well-maintained cars can serve you for an average of 16 years. According to car experts, a car’s life span is increased by as much as 50% when it is regularly checked and maintained. Your car will be able to run at its best through periodic maintenance.

Oil change is one of the maintenance services that your car needs. It keeps the car engine clean as well as extends its vehicle life. On the contrary, failure to change oil when already necessary can reduce gas mileage and lead to engine failure. Other problems may also occur for failure to identify issues.

  1. Compromised Safety

A lot of accidents are related to car engine problems. Cars can be tricky at times. It may be fine one moment and problematic the next. All it takes is one damaged belt or brake disc to compromise your safety. Do not make the mistake of disregarding vehicle maintenance check and suffering a serious accident that could have been avoided. Through vehicle maintenance check, you can ensure that your tires are in top condition and that your brakes are thoroughly inspected. A responsible owner prioritizes safety above all.

When you look in the short-term, skipping vehicle maintenance check can be more convenient for your time and money. Nevertheless, do not allow that to hinder you from maximizing usage of your car. Preventive care will allow your car to serve you for years. Act proactively and not when something is already wrong.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 – review by Autoportal

The Maruti Suzuki India Limited is the leading automobile manufacturing company in India. The Maruti Suzuki Alto is their bestselling vehicle and regularly tops the list of the most popular cars of India. The Alto comes in two models, the Alto 800 and the Alto K10. The Alto 800 launched in 2002 has been updated many times and the latest refreshed versions of 2012 are presently available in the market.

This competitively priced petrol hatchback Alto 800 comes in 6 petrol and 1 CNG variants. They are the Standard, the LX, the LXi, the VXi, the LXi airbag, the VXi airbag and the LXi CNG. The prices of the Alto 800 range from Rupees 2.53 to 3.69 lakh. There are no diesel variants or automatic variants for the car.


The Alto 800 is the most sought after city car and is the normal first buy of a middle class Indian customer. The stylish body has a slim grille, a broad air dam, high mounted petal-shaped headlights, clear lens headlamps and tail lamps and large multi-element tail light fittings. The ORVM available on the driver’s side only is manually adjustable. For top variants the ORVM is internally adjustable. The Alto 800 comes in colours of Frost blue, blazing red, torque blue, granite grey, silky silver and supreme white.

The cabin of the Alto 800 is done in two shades, the grey or brown. The spacious cabin for 5 passengers has minimum standard features like fabric seats, an engine immobiliser and a child lock facility. The VXi and the VXi airbag variants have power steering, a manual AC, power windows at the front and a 2 Din music system with CD/MP3 players, AM/FM radio and USB and auxiliary compatibility. In the Airbag versions air bags for the driver and a central locking facility are also added.

The segmental best fuel efficiency is a plus point for the Alto. The 796 cc, 40 bhp and 69 NM torque 4 DOHC engine gives mileages of 22.74 kmpl with the petrol and 30.46 km/kg with the CNG. The car takes 18.6 sec for 0 to 100 kmph acceleration and the top speed is 138 kmph.

The manoeuvrability and the brake systems of the Alto 800 are top class. The 3395 mm long car has a wheel base of 2360 mm and a ground clearance of 160 mm. The suspensions with McPherson struts and and 3 link rigid axle make the ride comfortable.

The Brand name, the top mileages and the competitive prices are the reasons for the popularity of the Alto 800. The competition comes from the small cars like the Hyundai Eon, the Chevrolet Spark and the Tata Nano.

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Toyota Etios Liva – A Review by

Toyota Etios Liva is an entry-level premium hatchback which has been popular for its spacious and comfortable interiors. This article will give you an insight of how this car is and how different it is from other hatchbacks.

The Etios Liva made its debut in 2010. The year 2014 saw a revised model of the Liva.

For those who are familiar with the sedan cars of Toyota will find that this car has minimal styling features. The chrome finish on the Etios Liva gives this hatchback the real feel of a sedan. The car has a front smiling grille. An elegant chrome strip below the rear windshield makes the Etios Liva stand out. The three-dimensional lamps make the car more pleasing to the eye.  The top variant of Etios Liva has 15-inch wheels, while the lower-variant has wheels of 14 inches. The car has body colored rear side view mirrors.  The chrome strips on the door handles enhances the look of this car.



The interiors are plush with comfortable seats in dual tone. The speedometer and trip-meter are placed on the dashboard on a stylish instrument panel. Etios Liva has a three-spoke steering wheel in dual tone. The Etios Liva has an air conditioning system that is powerful and its multi-directional vents really make the interiors cool.  The air conditioner does have a clean air filter too.  This hatchback comes with power windows, power steering, rear defogger and remote central locking for maximum driving and travelling comfort. It also has dash integrated music system, steering mounted audio controls for more convenience.  The car has a 2-DIN music system with FM and MP3 consisting of 4 speakers.

This car has 7 variants which are namely J, G, G special edition, V, VX, D-4D GD and D-4D GD SP special edition. It is offered in 7 colors which are Vermilion Red, Celestial Black, Serene Bluish Silver, White, Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige and Ultramarine Blue.

The Toyota Etios Liva comes in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol engine is a 3NR-FE 4-Cylinder 1.2 L (1197 cc) 16V, DOHC engine and generates 80 bhp @ 5600 rpm and 104 Nm. The diesel engine is a 1ND-TV 1.4 L, SOHC engine and can produce a maximum power of 68 bhp @ 3800 rpm with a maximum torque of 170 Nm.

Known for taking measures for passenger safety, Toyota has given this car an energy absorbing body shell, driver and passenger airbags, and ABS with EBD. It has a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox to enhance its performance. The Etios Liva has a great fuel mileage of 17.71 kmpl and this is ARAI certified.

The Toyota Etios Liva is priced between Rs. 4.40 and Rs. 6.90 lakh

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Tips & Tricks for Car Insurance

Auto insurance quotesGetting an auto insurance cover can either be expensive or cheap depending on various aspects. These include the existing auto insurance market rates, the value of your car and type of car insurance cover among other associated costs. These aspects determine the cost of the car insurance cover you take. It is always beneficial to have adequate information on car insurance tips & tricks that reduces both the cost and the risks.

Taking an auto insurance cover implies that you are protected against any possible risk stated in the policy. On the other hand, there is a cost that you incur by paying the monthly premiums for your policy. Sometimes monthly premiums can be highly expensive depending on the factors mentioned earlier. However, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to reduce this cost while maintaining the protection against possible risks.

Always consider the insurance company you engage. Each company has its own auto insurance quotes and operates on different terms. Some companies have cheap auto insurance covers while others charge high premiums on their policies. This first thing you should do is to make thorough comparison among various quotes. This ensures that you get the most suitable and economical auto insurance quote.

Decide on which type of insurance policy you want to take for your car. Obtain full information in details on each type before making the final decision. There are three main types of car insurance policies namely third party, third party, fire & theft and comprehensive. Each of the policy stated has limitation on span of coverage. Since your aim is to reduce both cost and possible risk, comprehensive can be an ideal policy for your personal car. This implies that you care for your car and the possible damage that may arise on another person in the event of an accident.

Develop a good driving history. This count a lot in determining the amount you will be paying as premiums. Clean driving history is interpreted as low risk since the possibility of involving in an accident is low. Every mess that you do on the road is noted in your license and raises the cost of the insurance premiums. In case you have bad history, get someone with clean record as your driver.

Ensure that you do not drive your car frequently. This reduces the mileage on your car consequently lowering the chances of being involved in an accident. Instead, form a habit of using public means like train or a bus. If you use your car in business trips, inform your insurer. Note that the lower the mileage the lesser the insurance premiums. This is one of the important car insurance tips & tricks that reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Where you park your car matters a lot in determining the amount you pay as insurance premiums. It is advisable that you establish the safe place like personal or hired garage where you park your car. This reduces the possibility of risks thus lowering the rate of insurance premiums to be paid.

There are other car insurance tips & tricks that you can put in place to ensure that you pay less for maximum protection against risks. These include taking extra driving course for competence, applying for insurance bonuses among others.

What are some cheap auto insurance companies ?

The lackluster economy in recent years has forced more and more Americans to reconsider their automobile insurance policies in the name of budgetary savings. Compare cheap auto insurance companies today with our FREE comparison tool!

One of the main ways that many Americans have chosen to pursue in order to lower their car insurance rates is by choosing one of several auto insurance discount rate insurance companies. These unique companies offer bare minimum coverage to their policy hollers in exchange for rock bottom pricing. It might a risky way to go, but it’s undoubtedly the most affordable method to stay legal in a tough economy.

Some of the best cheap auto insurance companies are probably already well-known to the budget-conscious consumer, but in case there are newcomers to the discount auto insurance market out there, here are some of the best options.

Safe Auto insuranceSafe Auto Insurance Company

Perhaps the best known company for cheap car insurance, Safe Auto offers its discounted policies in sixteen states, primarily on the east coast and in the midwestern section of the country. Customers in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia are eligible for the company’s rock bottom rates.

Customers in other states would be well-advised to remain vigilant and monitor the company’s website for new markets it may serve in the future. Safe Auto has been expanding its coverage to new states at a pretty fast rate in recent years.

Because Safe Auto adheres strictly to a policy of offering consumers the lowest rate on their insurance by offering them bare minimum coverage, the company’s website contains a section which details those minimum car insurance requirements on a state by state bases that summarizes the insurance laws of each state covered by Safe Auto’s policies.

This summary includes not only the bare minimum coverage amounts for consumers, but also the punishments they can face under sate law for being either uninsured or underinsured for any period of time. Compare the cheapest state car insurance for our FREE ZIP code search!

Like most insurance companies, Safe Auto offers some discounts for multiple vehicles, multiple drivers, student discounts and good grade discounts, and rewards for safe driving. However, because the company is already working with minimum coverage and offering low rates, these discounts are far more minimal than what is offered by traditional national insurers.

Esurance Online Insurance Agency

Esurance auto insuranceSafe Auto’s deeply discounted rates are great for the residents of the sixteen states it currently serves, but that leaves the majority of America still searching for ways to save on their monthly car insurance premiums. For those customers, Esurance may be available to meet their needs.

The company operates exclusively online, thus cutting many of the costs associated with maintaing a network of offline agents, agencies, and vehicle fleets. Until recently, it operated as an independent company; in mid-2011, Esurance was bought by Allstate and expanded its coverage to many of the states already served by its new parent company.

Esurance offers low rates based on their online operations, and also offers customers the option of selecting their state’s bare minimum coverage levels. This results in a net savings that may be even lower than what companies like Safe Auto can offer, as even Safe Auto maintains a network of agents and a strong real world presence.

In addition to its low rates, the company offers an extensive slate of discounts that are comparable to any more traditional, major national insurance company. These include discounts for adding multiple vehicles or drivers to the same policy, and discounts for student drivers.

Those student drivers can get even deeper discounts for maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0. Drivers will be rewarded for a safe driving record, and for having taken a defensive driving class within the past three years. Anti-theft devices, as well as anti-lock brakes, also qualify for discounts from the online insurer.

The general car insuranceThe General Auto Insurance Company

Based in Tennessee and operating primarily in southern states, The General car insurance is very much like Safe Auto in that it offers bare minimum coverage to policy holders based on state laws regarding auto insurance requirements. Despite the recent trend in discount rate auto insurance, The General has been issuing bare minimum insurance policies to its customers since its founding in 1963, making it one of the oldest and most experienced low-rate auto insurance companies in America.

In addition to its low rates, policy holders who choose The General can receive additional discounts for a safe driving record that dates back at least five years from the time their policy was initiated or renewed. The company only offers auto insurance, so bundling auto insurance and discounts are simply not available.

There are moderate discounts available for students, multiple cars, and multiple drivers, but these discounts are less than national insurers as the company is already offering a steep discount on traditional car insurance.

Its solid reputation, well-rated customer service, and its history of more than 45 years in the discount insurance business, means that The General is likely the best choice of cash-strapepd consumers in the states that this company serves.

auto insurance quotes online Compare First, then Choose a Policy

Even though all three of these companies are in the business of offering deep discounts on car insurance to budget-conscious consumers who are looking to pay the bare minimum, the amount they charge for their respective policies will likely vary by a not-insignificant amount.

For this reason, customers who are looking for the lowest rate and the best coverage should always use online insurance quote comparison tools that can retrieve insurance quote from multiple companies using just one quote form.

Take Insurance coverage for Your Car

A plethora of corporations, immediately, present insurance coverage protection for automobiles. And due to the stiff competitors, they provide automobile insurance coverage low cost. It is advisable spare a while and put in efforts to analysis and examine the charges so that you just select the precise coverage on your car. The good thing about doing that is that you simply achieve info of varied corporations and know lots of quotes. This makes it simpler so that you can attain a choice. Throughout your analysis, you would possibly come throughout insurers from completely different nations, reminiscent of California or New Jersey, offering reductions for drivers with clear data or vehicles with security options. As an illustration, automobiles with alarms put in in them could get reductions from insurers.

Suggestions To Get Insurance coverage For Ladies Drivers

*Women, you will get it by escalating the quantity paid earlier than the insurer pays.

*Each good girl driver will preserve credit standing, as insurers have outlined a correlation between these with good credit score file and people with good driving report.

*If you happen to pay yearly as an alternative of month-to-month, you could have larger possibilities of getting a reduction. This occurs due to a slash in administrative prices.

*Purchase multiple type of protection and you’ll take pleasure in a reduction out of your insurer.

*Set up an alarm system in your automotive. This not solely decreases the danger of theft, but in addition decreases the premium, as there tends to be fewer claims with alarms at place.

*It is good to cross the superior drivers course. Insurers have a tendency to supply automotive insurance coverage low-cost if you do that, as you’re purported to be an knowledgeable driver, with lesser probabilities of getting concerned in accidents.

woman-driving-car-500*Final however not least, it is higher to drive rigorously and park in parking zones for fewer claims and possibilities of accidents. Whether or not you’ve got Florida automobile insurance coverage, Houston automotive insurance coverage, or every other, at all times adjust to driving guidelines.

It has been discovered that girls drivers make fewer claims than males drivers. However there are occasions while you become involved in an accident on account of different driver’s fault. Chances are you’ll be driving completely on the street when a reckless automotive driver hits your automobile from behind. What do you do? That is when automotive insurance coverage low cost involves your rescue.

Making Claims For Car Insurance Settlement

car insurance settlementBeing involved in a car accident is not a pleasant experience for anyone. If the injuries that you have sustained are grievous; the accident can actually shake you to the core. Added to that is the worry about the damage that your car sustains. If you have a car insurance then you can obviously make claims to your car insurance provider but it has been seen that at times settling the claims become a cumbersome affair and you need to go through a fair bit of trouble to reach a favorable settlement with your insurance provider. If you want a favorable settlement on your car insurance claim then you will face to make sure that you follow the right procedures while making the claim. You should also know how you can negotiate properly for the claim that you make. Here is some help.

For starters, when you want to negotiate a car insurance claim you will first have to send a letter of demand. The value of the claim that you are making must be mentioned in the letter; but mention the value only when you have a clear idea about it. To support your claims you will also have to furnish supporting documents like the estimate of the cost to be incurred for repairing the damages and photographic evidence of the damages. Other supporting documents might be required as well. The insurance companies have insurance adjusters who will try to counter and reduce the value that you quote in the letter of demand and if you think that you will not be able to argue with the adjuster well then you must hire an insurance lawyer. The lawyer will be able to argue your case better. However, you might need to write a second letter of demand and then take up the matter with your state’s Department Of Insurance if your claim is not granted.

General Myths Surrounding Auto Insurances

If you own a vehicle then it is absolutely necessary that you acquire auto insurance for it so that the vehicle is covered in the event of any damage, accident, or loss. The importance of auto insurance cannot be underestimated, especially if you took out a loan for buying the vehicle. While the consequence for defaulting on an unsecured loan is simply declaring bankruptcy, the consequences for defaulting on a secured loan can be significant. For example, if you used a home equity loan through BB&T or some other banking institution, then you could lose the equity on your home if you default on the loan. To help you prevent a serious financial headache in the future, I’ve compiled a list of some of the myths and misconceptions that surround auto insurance. Hopefully, this list will help you make wiser decisions about auto-insurance.

Myth 1: Auto insurance covers all the kinds of damage that can happen to a vehicle.
This is not true. There are many different kinds of auto insurance, which provide cover for certain damages but not for all types of damage. No auto insurance policy can provide full coverage. You have to acquire a variety of auto insurance policies to get full coverage for your vehicle.
Myth 2: Full coverage auto insurance policies will provide coverage for a vehicle when it is being utilized for any kind of work.
In actual fact, these full coverage insurance policies will offer protection to a vehicle only if it is used for personal purposes. You will have to buy a commercial insurance policy to cover your vehicle when it is used for commercial purposes.
Myth 3: Auto insurance is costly for elderly drivers.
Well, this myth is also false. Elderly drivers are given discounts for their policies because they have more experience and can avoid accidents more easily than the young drivers.
Myth 4: Military officers have to pay higher interest rates for auto insurance.
This is another myth that needs to be dispelled because in reality military officers pay lower rates than the rates paid by any common man.
Myth 5: Auto insurance for red vehicles is costly.
Remember: The color of the vehicle has nothing to do with the costs of the auto insurance policies.

Everything You Need to Know About Excluding People From Auto Insurance

As one’s household grows, so too, does their auto insurance policy. While this is a pretty standard and expected occurrence, it’s important for people with an increasing number of licensed drivers under one roof to realize they have options. Should any of their family members threaten their driving reputation and quotes, policyholders have the option to remove and exclude them from their insurance plans, making auto coverage someone else’s problem and responsibility.

Requesting an Exclusion

If you’re a policyholder interested in excluding one or more individuals from your policy, then you need to contact your insurance company and/or agent. Your request will have to be in writing and might also come with additional forms and paperwork, depending on who your insurance company is. It’s also important to note that requesting an exclusion may cause your rates to increase a bit, but some view this cost as a much more affordable expense than the potential damages they might be held accountable for when the dangerous driver(s) in question get in a serious accident or have repeated traffic offenses.

Whom Should I Exclude?

Now that you know how to request an exclusion, it’s important to understand WHO to exclude. You should exclude anyone you see as high-risk, unreliable and irresponsible. Individuals who show no regard for rules and regulations and could care less what happens to your name and record in the process are other obvious options. To help make the choice easier for you, below is a list of three individuals you definitely don’t want on your policy.

Mittens, the Family Cat

While a fluffy, cute member of the family, Mittens also has a wild side with which you are all too familiar. She is open about her late-night romps with her neighborhood friends, often coming home as the sun rises. She’s practically nocturnal! Those crazy hours coupled with her sassy attitude are a recipe for disaster for you and your record, so nip this problem in the bud while you still can — before Mittens brings you down with her.

Your Six-year-old Who’s Going on Sixteen

Six-year-old Ben is your pride and joy. He’s cute and sweet, but let’s be honest — the boy is growing up too fast. Rather than run the risk of him growing up, stealing your car and running away, it’s probably best to exclude him from your policy to keep that from happening. You might not be able to stop him from physically growing, but you will darn sure try to stop him from leaving you!

The Neighbor Next Door Who Thinks He’s ALWAYS Welcome

Sure you let him borrow a cup a sugar once, but does that really warrant unannounced pop-ins or the dreaded ‘surprise I was waiting for you to get home from work’ visit? The answer is obviously no, but that doesn’t stop your too-close-for-comfort neighbor from doing just that and more. A sweet, eager individual with no concept of social norms, this neighbor is here so often you’re worried he thinks he’s actually a part of the family. While you technically shouldn’t have to cover him on your insurance, the lines that surround your whole relationship — and evidently your property— have been blurred. So, just to be on the safe side, you better exclude him. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll get really comfortable and decide to take your car for a spin and get locked up for grand theft auto — maybe then at least you’ll get to cook in peace again!

Reality Check

Obviously, these examples of potential exclusions are extreme and ridiculous, but that’s just the point. Auto insurance exclusions are a serious issue that should be treated as such. They shouldn’t be added to policies willy-nilly and on a whim, but rather after serious thought and consideration has been given to the situation. It can be a pricey and potentially lengthy process that should only be implemented after you have determined there is no other feasible option.

You should only opt to exclude drivers with repeated violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding or any other behavior that shows a disregard for the law. It’s also important to note that exclusions can also apply to non-related roommates. Depending on your policy and location, it might be a smart idea to exclude any irresponsible roommates you might have, should they try to drive your vehicle without permission and thus endanger your reputation and record.

We do hope you’re never presented with having to exclude a family member from your auto policy. Keep in mind, it’s only advisable when the said-driver is extremely toxic. Most of the time, excluding a single driver will only lead to higher rates for everyone involved.

You’ll know they are a real risk if they cause you to be subjected to higher rates, or worse, put you in danger of losing your coverage altogether — those are costly expenses worth the fees that come along with an exclusion.

If you are seriously considering opting for an exclusion, talk with your insurer to explore all of your options and alternatives. They should help point you in the right direction for your future.