10 Classic preparations uplift and empower the ritual work

Centuries ago, they were aware of the composers of sacred geometry and relationship with the music. Pythagoras studied classical music study and basis for the lots and their composition of these spiritual ideas. They were the only artists to create an inspiring and uplifting music, however.

Using large pieces of music composers, can add strength and energy to the ceremonies. They provide large, dedicated energy can be directed in any way you choose at will and work.

Playing them clean out the space. They coordinate the energy and healing. They give expression to the intentions of the universe.
The following list is a proposal to use the music choice ritual work:

Carl Orff Carmina Burana first German composer. We also recommend that the entire work, O, Fortuna welfare work.

Toccata & Fugue 2 in D minor by JS Bach. Any of Bach’s music is wonderful harmonizing and healing energy.

3. The entrance to the gods in Valhalla Richard Wagner. This is a great piece for those who are in the image of the World Tree to travel to the other plane.

4. The Peter Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture. a ketchup commercial composition of its 1812 war with energy and uplifting properties of an employee. The booming of cannons can be used to send a visual sense of the universe intentions and performance.

5. Hall of the Mountain King Edward Grieg Norwegian musicians is another good piece of travel to other planes, in particular, to work with Elementals.

6. The Planets by Gustav Holst von English composer helps you travel to other planets and astral planes. Use this piece to move to other galactic cultures in contact.

7. Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s Peter and the other products can be used for shape-shifting work. Read the story of the Prince and Odette, to better understand how Swan Lake can be used for the ritual work.

8. Peter Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty is based on the fairy tale of the same title. In this tale, the wheels are hidden to protect the newborn princess. It is worth re-reading prior to the start of the tale of Sleeping Beauty and work.

SPINNING WHEELS been linked to the wheel of life for thousands of years. This piece enhances all the rituals and goddess of wealth and employment manifested in Fortuna.

9. The Valkyries another piece about Richard Wagner wrote an old story that this product useful work Elementals, especially if you are working and mermaids , visual and tarot cards, the fool to the story of Wotan the Wanderer.

Modest Mussorgsky Night 10 was introduced by the Bald Mountain that children Fantasia, but its usefulness lies in the ritual working backstory spirits. To play this piece when practicing psychic.

Although a number of other compositions exalt the ritual work, it is often easy ten classical pieces and freely available. Use them often and to experience growth in the power and clarity of the work.

Source by Lillie Ruby

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