We Ruthless Compassion?

Ruthless Compassion is a philosophy that combines two seemingly contradictory concepts. It combines the loving-kindness sympathy for the fierce warrior and that is exactly why it works.

Many people today misunderstand compassion attitude “kindness,” where we feel obliged to take care of others at their own expense tolerate disrespect, and even collude with the other person’s bad behavior. We believe that there can be “average” or “rough” to others, even if it means abandoning your own needs and feelings. We forgive the unforgivable, and believe that this is a good man.

In reality, true compassion has nothing to do with being nice and doing the right thing to do for ourselves and others. The thing is that I love, but authorized, tolerant and forgiving, and this is where it comes ruthlessness.

The philosophy I suggest you allow us to take care of yourself while caring for others. It started around someone get away with insulting or disrespectful behavior, but also allowing them to experience the consequences of their choices and thus have the opportunity to learn. This is much nicer than allowing them to continue to repeat the mistake.

Rather, we believe that this “means” to be assertive, this philosophy encourages us that it is not, because the best way to learn about the people in our lives to take note the reactions of our needs and express our feelings.


Ruthless Compassion us in developing self-love and self-confidence, not to protect others from the natural consequences of their choices. For example, if you clean up the alcoholic spouse and tuck them into bed every time they binge, they will never learn the consequences of drinking and may be motivated to change.

The misunderstanding of compassion benefits no one, and ultimately ruthless compassion is more loving, even if the other person is dissatisfied with the consequences they faced. In reality, this misguided kindness, which promotes cruelty, while reducing the philosophy of loving authority.

They mistakenly believe that forgiveness is essential for life, but I think that this is not always possible or necessary. What is needed is the ability to let go. If someone is hurt or betrayed their actions can not be excused, but let the anger and pain after already recognized the validity of our experience. Forcing ourselves to forgive, if we can not (and can not) will only cause us more pain.

If the other person apologizes, which amends and promises that we could better choose to forgive, but it is not essential. It may be that we do not forgive them exactly what you need to motivate them to actually change. While we are not carrying bitterness, anger or vengefulness in our hearts, you do not have to forgive them for the sake or his own.

Ruthless Compassion about being a position of strength in our lives. It says: “No more!” exploitation, disrespect and cruelty. In practice, this means that you feel more secure in the world, and this is a kind of security is much easier to be happy and peaceful, knowing that it’ll handle whatever comes.

(C) Marcia Sirota MD 2010

Source by Marcia Sirota

Empowering Goals – Writing and energy endeavors!

Every major professional success encourages us to set focus and actively pursuing our goals. We know that in order to be successful, happy and fulfilled when I have to develop a set of goals. Most people also learned that a clearer and more precise targets, the greater chance you have to achieve.

Although some success guru has its own technique capable of objectives, one of the elements that most of the joint action of transcription. Even in today’s technology, it feels much more energetically strong enough to actually write against targets provides them with a computer keyboard. An old-fashioned machine called a “pen” can help to make your own personal positive energy to the pursuit of the creation of the list. But if you go to the keyboard easier route, then by all means, type your own!

Once you’ve written them (or print them out of the machine), what do we do with them? In his national bestseller, “The Success Principles” considerable motivation and success coach Jack Canfield, strongly encourages us to set our goals 3 x 5 index cards, a practice that he is not on a daily basis.

I will add to and recommend to the cards and keep them with you all day. However, do not just put them in the back pocket or purse and forget about them. Several times a day, take them out, read aloud or enjoy yourself! Take a moment to imagine them well and see for yourself to achieve. Another or additional measure would be to put them in prominent places around the house where you catch your gaze and attention.

a very different way to speed up your goal is to send positive energy to them. William Rand, an outstanding teacher and Reiki Reiki is one of the foremost authorities in this country, quite interesting, also suggests writing goals on index cards should be done with us. But additional strengthening for those who fit the paper Reiki practitioners, between their hands and send Reiki to the goals of the highest and best results and performance. To do 5-20 minutes once a day or more.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can still use this method. Reiki is very much desire, so just keep the target card or a piece of paper in your hand and visualize positive energy lighting goals. You can imagine the energy flowing from your heart center and out through your hands that will empower the targets and bring them to fruition. If the goal was higher harmonic own, you must be at least that fast.

The bottom line, and a good way to think about writing goal-setting and recite, reflect and influence! Clarifying and writing your goals, read them, and reflecting display – you can influence a positive outcome!

Ratification, Attitude, goal setting action

This is easy for me to clear goals and achieve them. My inner passion and motivation to empower my goal to become a reality. every day, they claim my goals imagine them, and set my goals with energy!

Source by Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

Motivation and motivational tools bodyguards

I have been in the security industry for years, and when I asked the inspectors in the field of new companies started to motivate the security guards that just looked at me in confusion . Their answer was to basically have a security officer was so easy and simple task that the guards do not need any motivation. In my experience, all the work that one wants well-needed accountability, monitoring and motivation. Besides that, if someone in all aspects of security guard work is not so simple.

a security guard requires many skills, including communication skills, observation skills, attention to detail, common sense and good decision-making skills. Many security officers and chief officers are untrained and have never received the proper training I think that the most important aspect of security guard work of physical presence. Showing up for work, only time to time, and thus the minimum requirement, the security officer job. A motivated and well-trained security officer displays all of the above mentioned capabilities and many more.

Every new company has already started, as a security consultant or operational manager needs culture change, because the security guard working a job should not be to be proud of. The culture change to create a culture of coaching and motivation. This included feeling and understanding of the purpose of what one does every day. Security officers are working to understand me play a critical role in the economy and society. They not only understand the work requires tremendous skill, but understand that these skills are expected of them. If they do not have the necessary skills to be coached as they are.

gave me a lot of push back, the company has worked in the beginning, because the change is not easy to set up and not easy to accept. However, each company has been working for more successful and happier in their work could have been guards. Once you’ve accepted that customers will be happier and better brand of service, officers will understand that you have to raise your skill level. At the same time they are not working a dead end job qualifying and qualifying, but the work is to teach them the skills and gives them purpose. Higher expectations must be justified by security officers to leave up to expectations.

Therefore, the field supervisors need to learn to be positive reinforcement and coaching performance. In the beginning, it will go on site visits and coaching sessions presented. I coach my field supervisors and security consultants. I share books and articles about them. Performance coaching is endless. If you keep practicing the security guard will be better at what they do every day. As a result of the improved security, happier customers and, most importantly, the employees that come to work with pride and a sense of purpose.

Source by Charles S Willis

How motivation to succeed

What are the things that tick, rock the boat, or basically just give true meaning of life? I do not think there’s a man alive who does not have the passion or purpose within and through that same passion or purpose, can bring long-term success and satisfaction in their lives. Despite the fact that in rare cases, some of us do not think that you have a passion or purpose in our lives, it is more than likely, and there was need liberation, asking ourselves some pertinent and instructive question.

While the passion and purpose is not what I want to focus too deep now on such a wide and varied themes, which cover, it is very important that what motivates a person who wants to succeed. Without motivation, we are stuck in mediocrity and lead to basically nothing. The motivation, there is nothing that can not be met and achieved. If you are motivated to do anything, especially what you love, your physiology changes and you start to hope when it was not before.

Motivation is the catalyst by completing and achieving nothing. Most of the tasks of everyday life-changing goal. This is not always easy, however, especially if you feel beaten down, gloomy and sad. Maybe someone else give it the lift, which changes the perspective to life and to act as long as you are, you can begin to design a whole new future for himself and his family.

On the other hand, if it does not act immediately or within a short period of time begins to subside and eventually disappear. It is therefore not rely on others too are motivated us and the reason for this is that it can not be with us 24/7. The solution to this self-motivated learning ourselves. This is in ourselves, to control their own path to success. They also mix with like-minded people, to strengthen how motivation can succeed is an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Have you ever played a piece of music that moves or read a book that inspires you? You can not let some of these are in your life at any time by their own decision, without anyone to this or any emotion. You could say we are motivated by what you hear and what you read. Similarly, surrounding ourselves with similar motivational tools every day, there will be no room in our lives mediocrity and disappointment.

Source by Stephen Zaba

Management features – reliability

If you think about the reliability does not come to mind someone who embodies this property? And if so, why? There is a view of himself as a trustworthy person? If not, why not?

Merriam-Webster defines reliability as “Capable of being dependent;. Reliable”
Reliability means that the driver can be relied upon to not only perform duties in a proper manner and fairly, but with the building of trust and accountability that result. The driver makes and keeps its commitments, the discipline to avoid procrastination, and brings forth the full force trying to complete the task.

The sound is not easily discouraged leading to difficulties, but also to find ways to improvise and overcome. A trusted leader has earned credibility and therefore is considered a reliable and credible. A trusted leader takes a certain pride to be reliable and accountable, and zealously protected by the accumulation of trust consistent, persistent behavior. A trusted leader meets the above definition, and thus determines the standards that employees can not only detect, but follow.

So, how to improve the reliability, qualities as a leader? We recommend the following:

• solve the problem. Do not hold back the barriers; Instead, they find a way around them. Problems are inevitable, so the development is closely focused, results-oriented, problem-solving skills are essential. Keep a sharp eye on deadlines, involve others as necessary, and to ensure that takes place. There are many excellent project management resources are available and should be utilized as needed.

• Do not offer excuses or blame others . Everyone knows that excuse makers who attempt to deflect responsibility. A leader who consistently blame others for shortcomings will eventually lose all credibility, up and down the chain of command. A trusted leader takes full responsibility and thus accepts the responsibility if things go wrong, and shares the credit when things go well.

• Keep your commitments you make. If you say that you are doing something, you do it. Simple as that. Is it worth the risk? I do not think so. Little things count too, and it’s one that counts heavily. In this respect, a reliable tool that instant in time that attentive. The communication standard that should stick a leading everyone to observe.

• Always keep in mind that others counting on you. When I signed on to become a leader, it is accepted that it will be left to the care of others. The employees have to search for your guidance and feedback; you want and need to have you, that he might even surpass you. And certainly you will need to count on you. Never forget or ignore.

Reliability is an important property that every leader must embody. This is to develop and maintain the trust of an important building block for what every manager should desire and seek.

Source by Gerald Gillis

On the road to greater joy and happiness – Self-Help Book Review

Not all self-help books are created equally. Some step by step how to improve a particular area of ​​your life. Others moral support, motivation, and sprinkle with a little inspiration in the words with which the individual’s positive mood, which may be just enough to help. It seems that since so many people facing depression, this genre of literature widely read self-help books, and many other books outsell other categories. Okay, so let’s talk about the second order?

The author of online articles and e-books, which I did a lot of self-help category a reading there myself and found that the self-help books that are part of the system or the program that can be attacked we can do the most good for the most people. In fact, there is a very good book, I would very much like to recommend to you along these lines. The name of the book;

“From Here to greater happiness, or how to change your Life – For Good” Joel Marie Teutsch and Champion K, Teutsch, PhD, Teutsh Publishing and KNI INC, Los Angeles, CA, 1988, 162 pages, ISBN: 0-8431- 0398-1.

This book is written by the founders of the Academy Teutsch is the ideal method to teach patrons. The first book to the reader an understanding of its own knowledge and belief system that influence their behavior, and finally the result of the experience of life and the human effort involved in society. This explains why it is important to be close to nature and to understand how much stress you can handle the challenges of the human psyche, a simple understanding of how this works.

The book describes the group consciousness and how your family, work, community, school and every sports team can play using a synergistic benefit. It covers the universal consciousness, and how everything affects everything else. The second part of the book is about how to change your life for the better in all locations – allows you to better relations and to be successful in work and career is, how can a better parent or a better understanding of the parents. Explains how to be patient, and the reality of compromise.

Although I personally do not go to all this sensitively-Feely, new age, quantum mental quasi-religious stuff, and even myself, unlike this even-odd days of the week. This is a good book for those who participate in such things, and others who wish to understand friends who’ve gotten involved in this area of ​​intellectual exploration. It was interesting, that’s why I went out of my way to recommend to you today. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

The Key to Happiness (Poetic Prose)

Have you ever felt so happy that you thought the world was perfect, and that nothing can ever dim the joy? Have you ever felt so alone, that can be a shy and trembling tear appeared in the window of your soul? Have you, why? Why we can not control these feelings? They attack us by surprise, sweeping our world, submerging us in a sea of ​​confusion and endless darkness. We all dream of a life without pain, sadness or stress; most people think that this is a utopia in a fantastic movie or a poet’s mind.

The key to true happiness, you are ready to pay the price, the veil of mystery to keep track of the treasure, the stones and make your way to kick off the light? Follow … it’s not that far away … it will tell you what everything is about; Step by step I hope to lead a more comfortable life; just read and meditate on these golden rules for showing me this: Please get out of the shell, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop or I do not have. Forget the past, good or bad. To think the day has not yet come; Stay here and now. Do not lock yourself out at home, watching the clock run out the clock. Stand up and live, this time we should strive to be the best. Live in the things that are in your hands. Maybe valuable still can not find happiness, but it certainly will make life easier to live ….

Take my hand, let us think together, dream like a child not be shy … I have a bike not a car, I’m going to go to a ride in the park. There is no money, but there is someone who can give me a few dollars. Perhaps there is no beauty, but there is a bright mind. No family, but there are many kind of friend who can give me some good advice. Maybe you are missing a lot of things … even health, but if you have a life. There is always something just to look on the positive side. Suddenly I came across some key words to mind: faith, patience, wisdom, deep thinking, self-confidence and never give up. You do not have to be beautiful, rich or a genius; you do not even need a lot of health, friends, family, or even love, to be happy. Happiness is inside you, and you feel that at any time. The key to happiness in your heart, and it’s not a fairy tale, or magic, or a piece of art. You can get it easily, you do not have to be very smart.

Source by Patricia Schiavone

Book Summary: Empowerment takes more than a minute – Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph and John Carlos

Customer loyalty is the gold standard that all business. Loyal customers higher lifetime value, see and become more business support. They will not buy it or leave it for the price and give you a chance if you screw up. The customer satisfaction is not the same thing. Satisfied customers do not have to buy again. The holy grail for any business to create loyal customers. There is a catch. We can not build loyal customers without dedicated employees.

Why is this important to me?

I will not waste your time this summary. This is my vision to provide concise action steps that you can adopt now to enhance your life. The tasks people spend more than 30% of their time in work. This is time spent away from family, friends and other activities. Gallup shows that 91% of employees either quit or be actively switched off, which means that they hate their job.

One of the main reasons for the separation, the fact that the leadership does not trust those people. It’s terrible because customers welcome the action now and if your frontline people to make decisions is not entitled to, then this process will be very fast convoluted causing customer frustration.

It is human nature to want to do a good job. If you were given a choice, I want to be normal job or work great? Everyone wants to do a good job, but most people are not in the right place, so you need to use the strength of the primary shortcomings. Management of the wrong people the wrong job.

strengthening it takes more than a minute a short book with a great message. We will examine the main points in this summary.

1. Strengthening – able to simply letting people what they already know how to do it. People want to do a good job, but are afraid because they are not authorized. Sharing information is a key step in starting an authorized organization.

second job insecurity – The leaders sometimes feel that if you give too much power to the people will be out of a job. I saw this in all departments of my career. It does not matter if the sales, service and development, people hoard workload to protect themselves. It’s the manager’s job to craft a vision that people understand that once you release a job that will further work on the company’s balance sheet and growing.

3. Autonomy – People want the freedom and autonomy to do a good job. The problem becomes a balancing act, because the leadership in general want to keep a short leash their direct reports. The way around this determines how the objectives and performance of people and communicates the significance of what they are doing. Everyone in the group needs a personal scorecard to measure the tasks every day.

4. Teams – The authors speak of self-directed teams. I agree with the need to reduce the hierarchy, and that one exception to the troops. It should be accountable, as defined and small. Great team gets wildly effective communication is simply a burden. Small teams are more effective and should keep that 5 people or less.

strengthening is something that can transform your body if used correctly. This book is a good guide as to why. Implementation culture as it takes work. We are in the process of Levering it even more at the software company. The first thing we did was to work with each team member and communicate the significance of the role, and asked them for things that they could be measured every day. All classes weekly scorecards but sometimes individual actions for each job is different from the class action.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea that work is a daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing I take away from this book is certain indicators. Engaging people on the importance of each job and start their own particular and individual scorecard allows them to keep track of important measures in their work.

Source by Joe Mosed

Youth strengthening: 5 tips to an Empowered Youth

Do not wonder that encourage young people can be effective? If you follow these 5 tips you will find that it is very effective, and you can create amazing young people. You will learn that young people are incredible and are able to implement anything they want. Encouraging young people can be challenging, but the rewards are totally worth it. Here are my tips:

1: communication

Communication is key when you empower young people. If you do not have the best communication skills will be difficult to get along with teens. They can be difficult to communicate, and it may be necessary for you to learn is to simply ask questions and just listen to them; Instead, it will tell you what to do. Young people do not like to be told what to do; and good communication skills really teach them to come up with a solution to their own problems.

2: be open

I’m sure most of us relate to the parents to disagree with the music, we decided to listen; How is it that you feel? By being open and receptive to new ideas we are more likely to contact the young people in our lives and it is more likely to come to us with questions you may have given. Although it can be hard to keep it open sometimes; I remember, the world is constantly changing, and if you want, say, in the future, we must remain open.

3: Be strong

Youth delegation; As mentioned earlier is extremely challenging. You will discover roadblocks, they will encounter disputes and disagreements, and may not be able to get through to the young people you are working. First of all, we need to remain strong. Young people will look up to you; and displayed the weakness can only push them farther away from you. Being a role model requires inner strength; so be sure to have it. I want to be clear boundaries from the start; and enforcing those limits.

4: Be active

Although it may seem that young people just want to watch TV and video games; It is important that something be active. Some teens do not want to participate in sports, but it is certainly activities that engage them there. Join them for a walk in the park to play Frisbee, or even play a Wii game that requires movement. Just getting young people off the couch and moving will serve to empower them and get the creative juices flowing. Creative Juice equal position of young people.

5: Do you have a sense of humor

Above all laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine and the fastest way to create a bond with another person. Be able to laugh at yourself and create an environment that encourages fun. Not only will this make it more fun for you, but it will encourage young people working together to open up even more.

challenging work young people undertaking; However, when you see the fruits of independence of youth, this is the most rewarding!

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Source by Cindy Van Arnam

Engagement Versus Motivation

Some experts support employee engagement, others are strong believers motivational strategies. But one does not necessarily exclude the other. There are circumstances in which even a worker involved in a little extra motivation. With a total on the team should be the main target for every driver. Our dedicated staff is a real asset for any organization, especially in difficult times. However, there are quite a few confused the difference between engagement and motivation.


Engagement comes from "within". It is that faith is "ok". Committed people do what they do because they think it's the right thing, and not necessarily because there is a reward waiting at the end. A good example of the commitment to volunteer work. There is no payment involved, it takes up a lot of time, and very often a thankless job. Yet most volunteers do it with passion and perseverance. Why? Because they believe in what they do. Engagement commitment to do everything.


Here is where the confusion begins. When we talk about motivation, we distinguish two types: external and internal motivation.

intrinsic motivation is actually exactly the same as commitment. It comes from "within" and has to do with the joy or fulfillment of a specific job or task gives the person, but the rewards will be.

induced by the external motivation by external factors. Once these factors no longer exist, the motivation disappears as well.

against opponents motivational strategies against external motivational measures such as incentives and reward programs, and they are absolutely right. Reward programs are counterproductive; they are usually negative return on the investment of cash, employee satisfaction and retention.

What is there against Reward Program?

Let me share my own experience there. I started my career as a sales rep for a company that has sold copiers, fax machines and printers. As often happens, we got our commission on top of – rather low – basic salary. On top of that, the company was running a couple of "bonus program". The program is the most units sold in a given period, the program is the most "new business" and a few more like these.

The worst was in the "Sales Person of the Month award." One of the biggest selling could hand over the keys to the company car and the Porsche Carrera leave the company next month, and received a private parking space in front of the building in a given month.

what do these reward programs mean? Nothing special. Guess who always won these awards? Correct, the people who have always been at the top. Guess who is not even try such a reward? Correct again, the ones on the bottom. They knew up front that there is no chance of the best. And who tried a few times, but never received a "prize" and became de-motivated? Right, people in the middle.

So it was a motivator? To be sure, was that the group who do not need to motivate; the best. It may have sold a little bit, but if we are on top of the repair to be smaller and smaller. It does not do anything on the bottom performers. They were "intact" these programs. He made much of the group in the middle of it. This is the group where every sales manager's "score". There is a lot of potential and room for improvement. And what are you doing? Exactly the opposite of what the program found. They knew that contributed to the company and saw that never gets "rewarded" their consent. How motivating is it?

I hear some of them already, "Then you should be able to be the best then you will get the reward too!" He can score 110% of my goal, but if other people score 115%, not that I was "average"? No, it's not. No matter how large the group of sales people, there will always be a more and more recently. And reward programs are always rewarded for a number of people who need it the least.

The external motivations: a short-term strategy

incentives and reward programs to motivate "only as long as the program lasts, or even less if the employee feels it will not "win."

Suppose you have already installed a reward for producing a certain number of the product and ask everyone to try very hard. What happens after the deadline? exactly. People fall back . of normal production in order to get the same results, you need to install another frequent guest program, and so forth

engagement. long-term strategy

Let's see, the last example again. Let's say that one of the suppliers had delivery problems, so the production is stopped for a certain period of time, and no one is going to meet the target of reward. People that motivates do not pick up after the pace of conveyor started again, because there is no reward work anymore.

There is a group of people who will be to pick up the pace, despite the fact that there will be no reward. There is an attitude of "let's see what we can do to the lost time." These "games" in the "game" and not a "fee". They deals.

employees participated in endurance. They continue to take the task to end well, despite the fact that the external challenges and circumstances. They support the goals, mission and values ​​of the company and part of the organization will make them proud. In general, the quality of their work better. They want to be able to be proud of what they did, they motivated people are like horse blinders, trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible, no matter how.

Engagement goes deep. This also means that the creation of the enterprise environment where engagement can thrive and flourish. In my next post I'll share my thoughts on what can and should be done to create a dedicated team around.

Let me finish, I heard a story that describes the commitment of the best

former US President John F. Kennedy was a very bold statement in September 1962: "What about the moon . " Not too long after he paid a visit to NASA. While it was there. the employee asked: "What is your occupation?". The man replied. "My role is that of a man on the moon" It turned out that the caretaker.

This a "commitment". No matter what you do, your work is just as important as anyone as to contribute to the common goal.

I wish you a lot of dedication.

Source by Kees Scheffel