How to coach Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan used to self-improvement and motivation for the best performance of natural

Motivation of human nature. Everyone has a natural drive to achieve and express himself. The interesting thing about human nature is, however, that despite the fact that the human being is the supreme creation in this material world people regress and deliberately self destruct.

The natural drive to be promoted to the self-development of a strong and functional. Human nature is like a plant in a number of fundamental ways. The plant naturally grow and bloom. In order to do that you need growing in the external environment. The plant and the nature of the environment together enable the plant to mature full potential.

Human nature is a natural drive and cultivation work basically the same way that the person to mature and reach their full potential. The people, as opposed to plants that have the ability to consciously choose our goals and we want to develop your potential.

Coach Phil Jackson coaching duties of the alleged leader of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls in 1989 Coach Jackson was motivated by a coach from the beginning. It was his self-improvement program that helped him achieve his dreams of coaching greatness.

in his book, Sacred Hoops, the introduction says: “When I was appointed head coach of the Chicago Bulls in 1989, my dream is not just to win championship but to do it in a way that wove together the two biggest passions: basketball and spiritual exploration, “coach Jackson, to date, 11 NBA championships than any other NBA coach in history..

The drive to succeed as an NBA coach supported his passion for spiritual exploration, development and launch of production. Many of the players questioned the methods of cultivation practices and resisted, but the results of these methods to tell a story of their own. Even Michael Jordan, the major beneficiary of Coach Jackson’s methods were of the opinion that ‘you do not have all the Zen thing. ”

Player, Michael Jordan was motivated to be the best NBA player’s age and win NBA champion. He surpassed the most contemporary of the game and won a game before the seven-year NBA career first championship Coach Jackson. There is no question that Coach Jackson cultivating influences helped Michael achieve a successful chasing for so many years.

Michael Jordan was a woman, and development to become a member before winning a first league operating in the department. Before he won his first championship credibility Coach Jackson approached him and said that he could be the best performance in every game, but it was not producing championship. When you perform the “magic” of the other players on the team would stand watch, which hurt the team’s overall productivity.

Along with Coach Jackson and Michael Jordan set out a development path to change the culture of individualism that saturated the Chicago Bulls team and replace it with a culture of team unity and cooperation among members to maximize their team’s overall potential. is not the individual statistics, the standard by which each player’s performance was sentenced again.

Michael Jordan and other players in the Bulls team, I had to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Held development and growing. It was not easy.

What would have happened is that the motivation to excel when there was no tournament was one of the bus and Michael Jackson in particular? What would have happened without a coherent program of self-development and production of the whole team? One thing is sure and that is that failure breeds failure. And if you do not become the norm, the motivation to excel reduced.

Hopefully you see the relationship of the human drive and cultivation. One without the other is not an island standing alone, could not maximize. If you see a connection you can apply these principles in order to achieve your dream business, marketing, sports, and in any area of ​​human life.

Source by Terris Muhammad

Leadership, effective interpersonal communication skills

Too often I see leaders who can or can not communicate; communicate over; communicate inappropriately through outbursts, anger or blame; or does not communicate clearly.

through effective communication strong interpersonal communication is the most important skills a leader has when working with others, and thus remain of great importance to meet the maintenance and the building of confidence in an individual and organization management to the needs of workers.

Many leaders are missing the mark when, because of the lack of contact after their interest in the ideas and opinions of others, outdated management styles and the inability to work with others. The ability to listen, read body language, ask questions, provide feedback, and thus effective two-way communication with confidence and also prevents performance problems / challenges on the road. Great leaders consistently strive to enhance the building of interpersonal communication skills and maintain an open, supportive and collaborative relationships with other organizations.

So what is interpersonal communication skills?

Interpersonal communication is the process of developing a special relationship with the rest of the people interact and influence public at the same time. This includes effective communication skills. As well as skills such as active listening and the tone of voice, these include delegation and leadership. It is how well you communicate with someone.

After a combination of good interpersonal communication skills, be able to tell you what it means to accurately and concisely, and to be able to take on board the opinions of others and adapt what you say accordingly, and that they feel they can speak freely. To do this, you’ve got to be aware of their own role in the conversation and be able to manage their own attitudes and emotions (emotional intelligence). People have good interpersonal skills generally control the feelings that emerge in difficult situations and respond accordingly, rather than being overwhelmed by emotion, so the number of conflicts is reduced.

working to strengthen interpersonal communication skills to enhance his ability as a leader to articulate the vision of the organization. This ultimately will strengthen and add value to the individual, team and organization at all levels.

Start enhance interpersonal communication skills today.

Source by Michael Toth

Happiness Lies others happy

If you notice that someone who likes to laugh constantly tell jokes, and generally have a smile on their face most of the time, you think that this people truly happy. There’s laughter and smiles to be happy. Someone who can be a happy look on their faces that only “happy” on the outside. But inside, their hearts may be filled with regret and pain.

There are those who believe that wealth, money and power can bring happiness. However, being rich does not always make people happy or not, being poor necessarily make one miserable.

In fact, happiness means different things to different people.

The definition Happiness

One dictionary defines happy “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.” Granted there are different things in our lives that we could feel satisfied or satisfied. But they are generally satisfied and happy about the whole of our lives?

Most people happiness depends on a variety of sources, such as other people or material things. But what really makes you happy? Happiness can only be determined for each person. You see, what makes you happy may not make John Smith happy.

How to Achieve Happiness

To be truly happy, a person must focus attention on trying to make others happy. Forget about yourself and focus on the needs and happiness of others are coming your way. It’s all about sacrifice and service.

For example, visiting an orphanage and giving love and attention to a child who never felt the love of a mother or father something that makes you happy and satisfied, because he knows that improved the life of that child .

There are some elderly and sick people who do not have someone to take care of them, and they really appreciate just someone to visit them just to talk or feel the companionship of someone. This is all you need to keep them happy.

Yes, in material things that us happy – for a while; but material things do not last forever. This tax has been received and what we get from our efforts will remain with us in our lifetime.

Source by Lisa Granger

10 Classic preparations uplift and empower the ritual work

Centuries ago, they were aware of the composers of sacred geometry and relationship with the music. Pythagoras studied classical music study and basis for the lots and their composition of these spiritual ideas. They were the only artists to create an inspiring and uplifting music, however.

Using large pieces of music composers, can add strength and energy to the ceremonies. They provide large, dedicated energy can be directed in any way you choose at will and work.

Playing them clean out the space. They coordinate the energy and healing. They give expression to the intentions of the universe.
The following list is a proposal to use the music choice ritual work:

Carl Orff Carmina Burana first German composer. We also recommend that the entire work, O, Fortuna welfare work.

Toccata & Fugue 2 in D minor by JS Bach. Any of Bach’s music is wonderful harmonizing and healing energy.

3. The entrance to the gods in Valhalla Richard Wagner. This is a great piece for those who are in the image of the World Tree to travel to the other plane.

4. The Peter Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture. a ketchup commercial composition of its 1812 war with energy and uplifting properties of an employee. The booming of cannons can be used to send a visual sense of the universe intentions and performance.

5. Hall of the Mountain King Edward Grieg Norwegian musicians is another good piece of travel to other planes, in particular, to work with Elementals.

6. The Planets by Gustav Holst von English composer helps you travel to other planets and astral planes. Use this piece to move to other galactic cultures in contact.

7. Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s Peter and the other products can be used for shape-shifting work. Read the story of the Prince and Odette, to better understand how Swan Lake can be used for the ritual work.

8. Peter Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty is based on the fairy tale of the same title. In this tale, the wheels are hidden to protect the newborn princess. It is worth re-reading prior to the start of the tale of Sleeping Beauty and work.

SPINNING WHEELS been linked to the wheel of life for thousands of years. This piece enhances all the rituals and goddess of wealth and employment manifested in Fortuna.

9. The Valkyries another piece about Richard Wagner wrote an old story that this product useful work Elementals, especially if you are working and mermaids , visual and tarot cards, the fool to the story of Wotan the Wanderer.

Modest Mussorgsky Night 10 was introduced by the Bald Mountain that children Fantasia, but its usefulness lies in the ritual working backstory spirits. To play this piece when practicing psychic.

Although a number of other compositions exalt the ritual work, it is often easy ten classical pieces and freely available. Use them often and to experience growth in the power and clarity of the work.

Source by Lillie Ruby

Violence and sexual assault: Self-Help for Healing and Empowerment

When you have suffered rape or sexual assault, you can book the shock and trauma to the body’s cells. It is particularly important to clear that much of the system as soon as possible. If you do it right away, the damage will be minimal. However, if you leave it to fester, it can undermine the health, well-being and relationships for many years.

The way back after a long authorizing an attack, but there are simple, powerful healing techniques that will help make things easier. By making yourself first and cleansing the energy of the experience, you can either take back control, and tangible steps to regaining prosperity.

Emergency measures

First of all, you have to realize that during the attack. You survived. You are safe.

Then, you need to get yourself some Rescue Remedy Bach flower therapy. This wonderful, natural remedy clears shock and trauma of the system before they infiltrate and cause more damage. In this situation, you need to take four drops of Rescue Remedy directly on your tongue every fifteen minutes initially and then four times a day. (Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for everyone, and are available in health food store.)

Test Yourself The Earth’s curative

When you suffer an attack, a natural defense mechanism to detach, not only your feelings, but also the body. We literally the energy of our body in order to get away from what’s happening to us. Often people who have suffered from attacks energetically out of their bodies for years and broke away for life.

So, tell yourself that since the assault is over, it is safe to come back to the body. If possible, go barefoot and spend a few minutes on the grass or soil. Imagine roots growing down the leg to the ground. Feel your connection to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. He feels that the support that energy.

Take grounding crystals, such as Jet, Red Jasper, hemato and keep them with you. Another very important crystals to pursue at this time Carnelian. This wonderful stone clears the trauma to the abdominal region and brings healing.

Orange therapy

Orange is the color of amazing powers to release shock and trauma. Orange resonates with the abdomen and the reproductive system. The frequency of orange energy which transforms the trauma of enlightenment; I think the saffron robes of Buddhist monks. This is the color that will help you move forward through this trauma, and empower you to grow your experience, instead of destroying it.

At this time, it is essential to surround yourself with as much orange as possible; orange blanket ideal. As you wrap yourself in the color, consciously breath the color into the lungs. Feel the orange soaking wet your body. Imagine the color cleaning every one of your cells. Feel the energy of the attacker dissolving and lifting away from you, so that every cell crystal clear and squeaky clean. Feel transformed and renewed.

I know that in the first days and weeks after a terrible attack. However, these natural healing methods are very effective and can definitely help. I encourage you to focus on your own healing and release the shock and trauma can help you regain prosperity as quickly as possible. Remember that survived and regain self-esteem and empowerment. This self-healing provides a solid foundation for future life and help you move forward as quickly as possible.

Source by Anne Whitehouse Ph.D.

Leadership styles in the classroom

Management style definition generally accepted without a broad term. In a sense, the totality of the individual driving style, as the driver interacts with his followers. This includes the way in which the leader provides the overall direction and specific instruction. This includes the way managers communicate with your followers and how to involve them in the work environment, the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people

Leadership styles are often used interchangeably management styles, although significant differences they are the real leaders and managers. In a sense, all senior managers, but not all the leaders of leaders. One key difference is seen in the followers. They respond to the real leaders because they want to, not because they have to.

The question of whether or not the teachers’ leadership styles and management styles has not received as much attention as other issues considered key to effective learning. However, regardless of whether they label it or not, the ways teachers are not the typical treatment for students and classrooms. Here are five driving style that can be seen in the classroom:

1. Autocratic Leader
2. Democratic Leader
3. bureaucratic Leader
4. Benevolent Leader
5. transformation Leader

autocratic Leader

the idea of ​​an autocratic leadership evokes the stern and unfeeling dictator, but in reality many authoritarian leaders, and the teachers are very nice people.

autocratic teachers can use group discussion techniques, but the discussion topics and procedures are strictly controlled, the teacher input from students.

Democratic Leader

In theory, this management style is hailed as the one that best serves the students involved. The underlying assumption is for the students themselves, not just the teacher, the responsibility for managing learning. In practice, many teachers ask students input, but retains the ultimate responsibility for decision-making for themselves. Even in the hands of a qualified doctor, it takes time to collect input and find something approaching a consensus group.

Bureaucratic Leader

follows the orders of the bureaucratic leadership of the school’s leadership and questions without the corporate hierarchy, training, and there is no change. Lesson plans and workshop materials prepared in accordance with acceptable institutional practice. If you feel the power, daily activities permitted in a group discussion, the bureaucratic leadership will do no more and no less.

Benevolent Leader

Hallmark approach a benevolent leader of good feelings and good will. The underlying assumption is becoming a friend to the students, to make them more receptive to instruction. Much of what passes through student-centered education could be characterized as benign leadership by the teacher. The teacher is to serve as a friend and mentor, providing maximum freedom of individual choice and action.

Transformational Leader

As the title suggests, the transformation and management of change. A passionate faith in a vision of the future possibilities of transformational leaders are trying to change the way students think about themselves, learning, and expectations for the future. It requires a high degree of enthusiasm and energy on the part of the driver that is contagious. The students see the value of vision and willing to follow the lead reached.

This style sounds almost fanatical in nature, but there is a sound scientific basis. James MacGregor Burns introduced the approach in his 1978 book on leadership. Burns researcher Bernard Bass expanded the original work and present what is known today as the Bass theory of transformational leadership. He published his findings in a 1985 book, leadership and performance, and continued leading research until his death in 2007.

Source by Bryan West Ph.D.

Leadership traits – Equity

If you want to be a more effective leader focused on equity it would be a good place to start. If you think that such a subject is easier said than done, you’re right. But if you think it is not worth the effort to develop and improve, you should look for a political career where cronyism is almost always trumps fairness.

Fairness means dealing with others consistent, unbiased, objective way. Leaders who have a strong sense of fairness in relations with employees tend to bring out the best of the initiative, innovation and productivity. Employees who feel that the workplace is a place equally fair treatment from the organization’s management also offered the loyalty and devotion in return. The sense that we have a really strong and strengthening equal for everyone.

Good leaders are open and honest about the reasons for their decisions. They base their decisions on facts and not lack of evidence. They listen, these employees a voice and communicate clearly that employees understand the context in which decisions are taken. We also strongly hold that the concept of transparency which way things go.

Fairness is very often a matter of perception. We can try to practice diligently fairness, but others can view the events in their lenses. The idea is seen by all employees of fairness therefore have the opportunity to vague and erroneous. As a result, equity can be the most challenging feature of consistent practice.

Here are some ideas for consideration with regard to leading equity:

• Avoid playing favorites. Nothing threatens the fairness perceptions of leadership as focusing the attention of a small, select group. The driver’s attention should be resolved in a wider range of people, where everybody plays by the same rules are considered.

• Involve key stakeholders significant process changes . Regardless of the process of change involves the production floor materials movement or the specifics of order, seeking the input whose jobs will be affected, and that knowledge can be helpful.

• Involve key stakeholders in the hiring process . This not only increases the probability of a good hire, but it creates a transparent process that can build your confidence and cohesion.

• Define abundance. spreads the credit for accomplishments of those who would otherwise not be detected fairness in the truest (and perhaps the most neglected) sense.

A good leader must make decisions that are fair and objective, apart from the way the driver may feel personally about the situation. Equity deals with facts, not personal opinions. Fairness should be sought in a leader, and covet.

Source by Gerald Gillis

We Ruthless Compassion?

Ruthless Compassion is a philosophy that combines two seemingly contradictory concepts. It combines the loving-kindness sympathy for the fierce warrior and that is exactly why it works.

Many people today misunderstand compassion attitude “kindness,” where we feel obliged to take care of others at their own expense tolerate disrespect, and even collude with the other person’s bad behavior. We believe that there can be “average” or “rough” to others, even if it means abandoning your own needs and feelings. We forgive the unforgivable, and believe that this is a good man.

In reality, true compassion has nothing to do with being nice and doing the right thing to do for ourselves and others. The thing is that I love, but authorized, tolerant and forgiving, and this is where it comes ruthlessness.

The philosophy I suggest you allow us to take care of yourself while caring for others. It started around someone get away with insulting or disrespectful behavior, but also allowing them to experience the consequences of their choices and thus have the opportunity to learn. This is much nicer than allowing them to continue to repeat the mistake.

Rather, we believe that this “means” to be assertive, this philosophy encourages us that it is not, because the best way to learn about the people in our lives to take note the reactions of our needs and express our feelings.


Ruthless Compassion us in developing self-love and self-confidence, not to protect others from the natural consequences of their choices. For example, if you clean up the alcoholic spouse and tuck them into bed every time they binge, they will never learn the consequences of drinking and may be motivated to change.

The misunderstanding of compassion benefits no one, and ultimately ruthless compassion is more loving, even if the other person is dissatisfied with the consequences they faced. In reality, this misguided kindness, which promotes cruelty, while reducing the philosophy of loving authority.

They mistakenly believe that forgiveness is essential for life, but I think that this is not always possible or necessary. What is needed is the ability to let go. If someone is hurt or betrayed their actions can not be excused, but let the anger and pain after already recognized the validity of our experience. Forcing ourselves to forgive, if we can not (and can not) will only cause us more pain.

If the other person apologizes, which amends and promises that we could better choose to forgive, but it is not essential. It may be that we do not forgive them exactly what you need to motivate them to actually change. While we are not carrying bitterness, anger or vengefulness in our hearts, you do not have to forgive them for the sake or his own.

Ruthless Compassion about being a position of strength in our lives. It says: “No more!” exploitation, disrespect and cruelty. In practice, this means that you feel more secure in the world, and this is a kind of security is much easier to be happy and peaceful, knowing that it’ll handle whatever comes.

(C) Marcia Sirota MD 2010

Source by Marcia Sirota

Empowering Goals – Writing and energy endeavors!

Every major professional success encourages us to set focus and actively pursuing our goals. We know that in order to be successful, happy and fulfilled when I have to develop a set of goals. Most people also learned that a clearer and more precise targets, the greater chance you have to achieve.

Although some success guru has its own technique capable of objectives, one of the elements that most of the joint action of transcription. Even in today’s technology, it feels much more energetically strong enough to actually write against targets provides them with a computer keyboard. An old-fashioned machine called a “pen” can help to make your own personal positive energy to the pursuit of the creation of the list. But if you go to the keyboard easier route, then by all means, type your own!

Once you’ve written them (or print them out of the machine), what do we do with them? In his national bestseller, “The Success Principles” considerable motivation and success coach Jack Canfield, strongly encourages us to set our goals 3 x 5 index cards, a practice that he is not on a daily basis.

I will add to and recommend to the cards and keep them with you all day. However, do not just put them in the back pocket or purse and forget about them. Several times a day, take them out, read aloud or enjoy yourself! Take a moment to imagine them well and see for yourself to achieve. Another or additional measure would be to put them in prominent places around the house where you catch your gaze and attention.

a very different way to speed up your goal is to send positive energy to them. William Rand, an outstanding teacher and Reiki Reiki is one of the foremost authorities in this country, quite interesting, also suggests writing goals on index cards should be done with us. But additional strengthening for those who fit the paper Reiki practitioners, between their hands and send Reiki to the goals of the highest and best results and performance. To do 5-20 minutes once a day or more.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can still use this method. Reiki is very much desire, so just keep the target card or a piece of paper in your hand and visualize positive energy lighting goals. You can imagine the energy flowing from your heart center and out through your hands that will empower the targets and bring them to fruition. If the goal was higher harmonic own, you must be at least that fast.

The bottom line, and a good way to think about writing goal-setting and recite, reflect and influence! Clarifying and writing your goals, read them, and reflecting display – you can influence a positive outcome!

Ratification, Attitude, goal setting action

This is easy for me to clear goals and achieve them. My inner passion and motivation to empower my goal to become a reality. every day, they claim my goals imagine them, and set my goals with energy!

Source by Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

Motivation and motivational tools bodyguards

I have been in the security industry for years, and when I asked the inspectors in the field of new companies started to motivate the security guards that just looked at me in confusion . Their answer was to basically have a security officer was so easy and simple task that the guards do not need any motivation. In my experience, all the work that one wants well-needed accountability, monitoring and motivation. Besides that, if someone in all aspects of security guard work is not so simple.

a security guard requires many skills, including communication skills, observation skills, attention to detail, common sense and good decision-making skills. Many security officers and chief officers are untrained and have never received the proper training I think that the most important aspect of security guard work of physical presence. Showing up for work, only time to time, and thus the minimum requirement, the security officer job. A motivated and well-trained security officer displays all of the above mentioned capabilities and many more.

Every new company has already started, as a security consultant or operational manager needs culture change, because the security guard working a job should not be to be proud of. The culture change to create a culture of coaching and motivation. This included feeling and understanding of the purpose of what one does every day. Security officers are working to understand me play a critical role in the economy and society. They not only understand the work requires tremendous skill, but understand that these skills are expected of them. If they do not have the necessary skills to be coached as they are.

gave me a lot of push back, the company has worked in the beginning, because the change is not easy to set up and not easy to accept. However, each company has been working for more successful and happier in their work could have been guards. Once you’ve accepted that customers will be happier and better brand of service, officers will understand that you have to raise your skill level. At the same time they are not working a dead end job qualifying and qualifying, but the work is to teach them the skills and gives them purpose. Higher expectations must be justified by security officers to leave up to expectations.

Therefore, the field supervisors need to learn to be positive reinforcement and coaching performance. In the beginning, it will go on site visits and coaching sessions presented. I coach my field supervisors and security consultants. I share books and articles about them. Performance coaching is endless. If you keep practicing the security guard will be better at what they do every day. As a result of the improved security, happier customers and, most importantly, the employees that come to work with pride and a sense of purpose.

Source by Charles S Willis